Automate and optimize your eCommerce storefront

A fully integrated suite of eCommerce storefront products

You manage thousands of products, through multiple channels. It becomes impossible to continually and accurately update prices on your storefront to remain competitive.

With more than 16 years of experience helping manufacturers and suppliers manage and maximize the value of their sales channels, Data Alchemy software can help you prevent leaving money on the table by optimizing and automating sales through modern eCommerce platforms.

Product researcher

Compare manufacturer databases to major eCommerce platforms to identify all sellers of items.

Automated listings

Submit your preffered offer against existing listings automatically.

Dynamic repricing

Reprice items based on factors such as competitor actions or changes in supplier cost.

Sales estimator

Identify SKUs most likely to generate sales.

Automation beyond
the marketplace

Generate picklists

Save time and money by grouping items by location, and create picklists by aggregating unfulfilled orders.

Inventory management

View inventory against customizable metrics to gain hidden insights.

Create labels

Generate SKU data, barcodes, and inventory IDs across your sales channels.

Integrate with shipping providers

Add support for international shipping, pick rates based on cost, and leverage shipping templates to expedite handling times.